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MYTHERA EMS Cavitation Neck Massager

MYTHERA EMS Cavitation Neck Massager

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Let's take a look at our customers who have experienced the amazing relief and cleansing benefits of our new product:

"I am absolutely impressed with MYTHERA results. I've tried dozens of products and treatments but none worked better than MYTHERA . After a few weeks of regular usage, the discomfort and bloating have significantly decreased. I use the massager twice a day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"   Jane Marshall who aged 35, submitted this photo on her journey with MYTHERA EMS Cavitation Neck Massager after using for 2 months. Congrats on the success!

Jane Marshall 
Chula Vista, California

"I’ve tried numerous weight loss product and this one is by far my favorite! I get fluid in my tummy and legs for a few months and it makes my joints hurt. After I use MYTHERA EMS Cavitation Neck Massager for 10 weeks, all my puffiness went away and as long as I take it regularly it doesn’t come back. I usually don’t leave product reviews but for this one I had to - I couldn’t recommend a better all around weight loss product than MYTHERA to anyone!"

Denise Burns
New York, United States

MYTHERA EMS Cavitation Neck Massager combines Acupressure therapy and Electronic Muscle Stimulation Therapy (EMS) accelerates fat cell activity in the skin, while damaged tissue is repaired and collagen production is increased. The panel is easily operated. 5 modes, 15 squeeze intensities available to suit your personal preference.


Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice using pressure points to treat various problems across the body. Our neck, with over 300 acupressure points, definitely affects the rest of the body when the right pressure is applied. When you pressure on the right point, it gets stimulated all day.


“Acupuncture Therapy supports weight loss from many different angles, One of the most important ways, is by giving your metabolism a boost by helping regulate your digestion, insulin, and hormones.” says Traci Simmons, MS, an acupuncture practitioner in New York. When your major digestive organs aren’t functioning at 100 percent, your metabolism can get sluggish. Stimulating specific trigger points on your body can be like “little on-off switches” for various systems in your body, Simmons explains. Pressuring them on theoretically revs your flow of energy, and subsequently, your ability to burn fat.

Reduce inflammation

In one small 2015 study, 80 obese people received three to six months of foot acupuncture while eating a low-calorie diet. Not only did the treatment help them lose weight, but it also reduced the amount of inflammation in their bodies. Foot acupuncture for weight loss can lower your levels of oxidative stress and optimize your body to shed the excess pounds.

Boosts Metabolism

MYTHERA stimulating the thyroid area can boost the functioning of your pituitary gland, one of the key areas of the body in relation to metabolism. This can thereby increase the rate of fat-burning, making not only your workouts, but also your daily activities, more effective in burning calories and losing weight.


Electro muscle stimulation, also known as EMS, is an increasingly popular technology in the cosmetics and fitness world. The procedure uses micro-current to stimulate the muscle to make it stronger, tighter, and leaner. Relatively affordable and noninvasive, it proven to enhance fat loss and reduce cellulite. 

MYTHERA researchers have conducted extensive clinical research on the EMS product for over 20 years. They conduct strict clinical trials with experts in the field of Sports Science which uniquely allows us to independently validate the quality of our products and prove their effectiveness on muscle toning & conditioning. They are the first EMS technology brand to conduct continued research and development to ensure that they produce some of the world’s most technically advanced products.

MYTHERA EMS Cavitation Neck Massager has been clinically proven to:

- Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids Effectively

- Firms & tones muscles to lift the body shape.

- Increases microcirculation to boost skin's radiance.

- Helps detoxification

- Compact & Rechargeable

- Portable Design

- Worked for Over 90% of the Users. 

Here is Lowell's Weight-Loss Journey  In Only 8 Weeks:

"This is took in the first week I used MYTHERA.  I had some leg pains before using this, but since I got it there have been none. I felt more energetic which made me start exercising and I felt really good too!I could really feel like I was getting a full detox, and I also lost a bit of weight in that short period."

 "After 4 weeks of use is where I really saw an incredible change! The blood circulation along the nerves had improved its flow and it made my discomfort much less! I felt healthier, and I lost about 28lbs of weight too! It's really amazing how crazy the difference is!"

"After 8 weeks, I was completely shocked by my final result. I lost 58lbs in just this 2 months! My stomach was so defined I finally had a little bit abs! Everyone reading this blog wants to try this device now. By this point, all my friends and family were shocked. They couldn't believe the difference, and were convinced I was lying about not having surgery!" 

Lowell Stone
Chula Vista, California


"There are EXACTLY 8 weeks result and I enter a brand new decade! I’ve been using the MYTHERA EMS Cavitation Neck Massager for quite awhile now, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of it and I've lost a total of 35 pounds. I am now ready for the summer beach time! This experienced changed my life. I’m much more confident now. Thank you so much MYTHERA!"

Joy Alvarez
Los Angeles, California


Personalize your intelligent neck massage with 5 modes (cupping/tapping/scraping/ shiatsu/acupuncture) that allow you to independently control 15 intensity levels to meet your different needs. The massager will auto shut off after 15 minutes of continuous use.


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